iWriter Review – How to Hire Online Writers

hey there everybody this is a quick overview of eyewriter comm I get a lot of questions or people have asked me how to outsource my blog posts or I just don’t like to write so I actually found this site a long time ago and I just referred it to a few people and I use it personally as well I wouldn’t recommend anything I haven’t used before but I writer dot-com is really awesome way to pay someone to write a good article for you under two or three dollars I mean it below I said here it says under dollar 25 an article it depends on how many words you want someone to write for you but they will also write not only articles but you can actually have an e-book or you can actually have them rewrite an article so I actually I like that feature because you can find another article that you like and then send it to them and tell them can you rewrite it and it will actually the writers that they get to when they submit it I’ll show you my back office here what it looks like when they submit a article it will it will go through a thing called copyscape so that they actually checks that’s the simple check to make sure that it’s not been written somewhere else online so it’ll actually find and make sure that it’s not copyrighted or not posted somewhere else so duplicated content so this is what it looks like here you have you can add money in your account I don’t have much in here so I have to put some more money in it but if you want to get content written you just click get content and if you want to be a writer and you are good at writing you can actually become a writer and get people to pay you for writing content so anyways if you are looking to get content you just gonna get content and you click on how articles written or rewritten or if you want to get it ebook now they have this a really cool feature where they actually will send you the Kindle format so if you hire someone to write an e-book for you they will send it back to you already and formatted to upload to Amazon and and make a Kindle out of it so isn’t that really cool so have article written just write a description and write a you know category there’s tons of categories that you can have an article written for so you’d find your category and then you can find you know everywhere up to 150 words 300 word if you’re writing a blog post or getting an article written for a blog post you should be at least 400 is like delimited I think you know to get an article written but you want to have articles written anything over 400 they sometimes they will say 700 but 700 a lot better than 400 but anything over 400 is good you can select the type of writers you want if we want all of the writers to see your requests or if you only want the the best of the best writers that have been ranked 4 to 5 stars and what the star ranking it means is that out of 5 stars whenever they do work for other people people give them feedback and give them you know a ranking 2 star 3 star 4 star whatever so at this point 400 words the article we suggested approximately 250 per article you can give them more money if you want to whatever the more money in more words you put in here seeing it change to 3 dollars per article with the criteria written so far if you change the different you know rewritten or if it’s a ebook could be different pricing as long that just Changez you’ll also be able to click here and sorry I think my thing froze here but normally you can click here and pick whether it’s a friendly tone or a casual or you know very formal type of writing style then you can write down what the purpose is I’m sorry from froze here so you also be able to write in special instructions as well too if you have certain things you want the writer to know and then if you do once you do get going and you find specific writers that you like you can actually quickly enter their name here so that they will get it and that’s optional then you just submit the project and within 48 hours it’s actually super quick I usually get someone to write an article within 24 to 48 hours and then you may have they have a system where you have to read it and approve it within 48 hours as well too so if you don’t see the email or if you don’t go back in here and reprove it they are gonna assume that you are approving that article and and that money will go to that person so make sure you check in and approve what the article as soon as you get that email so this is just a quick overview I am endorsing I write or calm I think it’s a great system a great products and if you need an article written or if you are a good writer you should sign up here and get paid to write you it the payout is probably not that much but again this is another way to leverage your business and get blogging even if you don’t like to write have someone else write for you I hope to you got a lot out of this video if you have any questions comment below I’ll see you on another video